Friday, March 30, 2007

Friday fun

Happy Friday to all and welcome to the weekend! It's opening day for the new Disney flick, Meet the Robinsons, and I imagine we will make time to take the kids at some point this weekend. Would love to see the Digital 3D version, but it appears the closest theater for that is about an hour away in Petaluma. We'll have to think on that one.... You know I'll post my review once we do see the film.

We have a fairly full day today, what with the usual school and chores around here. We're invited to a park day in the afternoon, so we will have to work diligently if we hope to go. Then once we get home from picking Emily up from school, Noah and Halle will have piano lessons, and I have an appointment to get the tubing replaced on my hearing aids.

Here are some links for your perusal this weekend:

They didn't study. I don't know if I would have had the guts to try this when I was in school, but it sure makes for some fun reading now.

5 Minutes for Mom is giving away a free Dyson vacuum. Not just any Dyson, but a new lightweight version. Sounds like the perfect vac for folks in a 2-story house... something easy to carry upstairs.

This sounds like a great CD. I've already heard a couple of these songs on XM 32, I think. Either that or at the Worship Together website. (If you're a sheet music junkie, register at the WT site... they give free sheet music downloads each week!). Oh, and BooMama is giving away one of the CDs (but don't feel like you need to go give me any more competition for one).

Your daily dose of "Awwww..." You know research has shown that looking at cute is good for your health, so click!

Hi-tech help for lost children. What a very cool idea.

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