Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Sweet harmony

We were without internet service from 3:30 yesterday afternoon till 9 or so this morning. Our provider had some big service outage that covered a large area. Even once the problem was corrected, I wasn't able to connect because I had to reset my router. I've done that twice today, the first with assistance from tech support at Linksys, the second by myself. It isn't difficult, but it is annoying. Of course, if my sister were around, she could have done it all.

Speaking of my big sis, I got a very sweet email from her today. She heard a song this weekend for the first time and wished I was there to sing with her. She recorded it as a ladies' a cappella trio, with her voice on all 3 parts and sent me an mp3 of it. Wish I had space to share it with you, but it was 3MB. I've already saved it in my ITunes.

Which leads me to the title of tonight's entry. I love to sing harmony; there's something about it that takes a simple melody and enriches it, gives it that something that makes you want to hear it again and again. Harmony in our relationships is the same way. As a mom of 4, I experience more discord than I'd like to admit. But occasionally, there are moments of sweet harmony that leave me craving more. I realize the jumbled notes of discord are sometimes just a normal step towards achieving a harmonious blend. I pray I can have the fortitude and patience to focus less on the "sour notes" of our lives and celebrate the moments of harmony.

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Chris said...

This is one of my favorite worship songs! We do the Zoe arrangement with a soprano solo, tenor and soprano duet and then a trio for the first verse - gorgeous!

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