Saturday, August 13, 2005

Cool days and disjointed rambling

I'm talking temperature.... the high here was 66!! I had to put a jacket on to watch the kids ride bikes this afternoon. And this is August???

Went to Curves this morning because I missed 2 of my usual days this week. Did some extra time on the circuit to make up for it. My legs were feeling it, I guess because of all the walking at Six Flags yesterday.

I got a little work done to prepare for the start of our school year. I have Emily's first 2 weeks planned out. Maybe tomorrow afternoon/evening I will get more done. I have to make time to get everything entered into my tracking software.

Campbell is happy to have hubby home. He got to go on a nice walk after dinner. I call it their male bonding time.

Kids are bathed and having their bedtime snacks. Emily is creating bugly (translation: butt ugly) people on Sims 2 and mating them to create even buglier offspring. Ah well, it's cheap entertainment.

Oh, and I just learned a new term this weekend: Googlewhack. A googlewhack is what happens when you type two unrelated words into the Google search engine and you get only one hit. I think searching for googlewhacks could be addicting and am afraid to try it. I can see it now: "Hello, my name is Karen...." Wouldn't mind heading to the Napa Valley Opera House next week to see Dave Gorman's Googlewhack Adventure, though. (That last link is a video clip of his show.)


Pieces of Me said...

Hey! Here from Michele's! We are going to six flags this coming Saturday! It is 88 degrees here...I wish it would get to around 70! oh well..we are going to die from heat exhaustion next weekend! Hope you have a good week TTYL

colleen said...

Hi Karen, I wrote the moon walk entry a few night ago, before we went camping. The moon is a half moon now! I think looking at the moon is a great activity that is grounding. I loved your comments about epidurals in your 100 things. I also lost a brother (2) and will forever be working through it. Used to homeshcool my kids and go to La Leche meetings too.

Dave Diamond said...

LUCKY! It's in the 80's or 90's here (New Hampshire)... way too hot. And lots of outdoor work to do, of course!

Thumper said...

I am loving this cooler weather...and it looks like we might have a couple extra days of it. It's a little warmer on my end, but better than 100+!

cmhl said...

surfed by your site via Philip--- your template is gorgeous!! and I love your link to the tracking software, that is fabulous!!!!! I am not homeschooling, but I"m thinking it could be tweaked for other uses as well. great blog!!

Michelle Lyn said...

Loving your blog! Keep it coming!

Mrs. Darling said...

Hmm I'll have to try that gooogle stuff! Sounds fun!

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