Saturday, August 20, 2005

Saturday stuff

Not a lot going on here this weekend. For once, I am mostly caught up on the laundry, so I won't be spending the day working on it. I've been to the gym and back this morning; cross that off the list.

We spent last night watching movies... Tarzan II and Guess Who. The latter was pretty cute. Predictable, but fun.

Philip asked how Emily liked the 7 Habits workshop. Remember, she's 13. Getting information out of her is like pulling hen's teeth. I think she had fun with it... after all, it was something to get her out of the house and away from her siblings, which for her is always a good thing. She said it was "OK," which can mean anything from "It sucked, but I'm not saying that," to "I got a lot out of it (but I wouldn't admit it to save my life)." She did say the best part of the day was the pizza for lunch. Where's an eye-rolling emoticon when you need one?

The kids start school full-swing on Monday. That means my weekday blogging will most likely occur either early in the a.m. before they get up, or in the evenings when they are in bed or otherwise occupied.

How's that for a post full of nuthin'?

1 comment:

Philip said...

Well I guess not saying flat out, "It sucked," means it wasn't a total waste of time.

Maybe you should serve pizza more often.

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