Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Blogging before bed

Today was our first day of school here. The kids did very well... got up earlier than usual with little fuss, ate breakfast, and then headed to the table to start work. There were times it was a little chaotic, with 2 or 3 kids asking me questions at the same time (all on different subjects). But everyone was finished up by noon or so. It won't always be so easy, but it was nice having our first day go well.

Tomorrow night we hit San Francisco to see Wicked. It comes highly recommended by Jim and his family, who saw it in Chicago earlier this summer. We'll be doing dinner beforehand, but nothing too fancy; there's a Buca di Beppo less than a mile from the theatre, so we think we'll give it a shot, since we never managed to try it when we lived in Omaha.

We're just 3 weeks away from our vacation. I keep thinking of things we need to do to get ready. It is coming up so fast! Joel is very excited about getting to be at Disney World for his birthday, and I'm looking forward to some relaxation aboard the cruise ship afterwards.

I noticed that a few blogspot friends have been hit with comment spam, and found out today at Jenni's that Blogger now has word verification on comments. I went ahead and added that to my comments before the spammers hit. Always better to be proactive, I say. (Not that I always practice it.)

There ya go... another blog entry of randomness. One of these days, I'll have a real point to make.


Jenni said...

Buca di Beppo is a great restaurant -- but do heed what they say a portion will serve -- they are huge! Some of the dishes serve 2-3, some 4-6. Just a word to the wise..... :-) Enjoy. And let us know how Wicked is - it is the Texas State Fair musical this year and I'm supposed to be going with a friend.

Rick J said...

A point? Maybe sometimes the point needs to be not to have to make a point? :-)

Carrie said...

Have a blast at Wicked! I'm trying not to be too jealous.

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