Sunday, August 28, 2005

Catching my breath

Well, this has been a whirlwind weekend. Hard to believe it's almost over. The family carnival was a blast. The kids had a really fun time; it was especially fun to watch all the smiling faces at the dunk tank. Even the "dunkees" were smiling! What great sports.

This morning at church was very uplifting. It was my first time "on" with the praise team and I enjoyed it a lot. Rick does a super job of choosing songs ... this is no last-minute, throw-some-songs-together kind of thing. I believe he truly lets the Spirit lead him in planning our Sunday music service. I heard several people commenting afterward about what a great service it was.

I enjoyed listening to our visiting youth minister applicant talk about his experiences in China for the last couple of years. His life experience will certainly help him wherever he winds up working.

Our first potluck with our new church family was fun, too. I don't think anyone went away hungry and we were able to meet more new (to us) people. We've been invited to visit with 3 different Family Circles (small groups). You can't feel much more welcome...

My husband is finally starting to blog again. Last night, he posted for the first time since March! Poor guy, he didn't even remember his login, but I was able to figure it out for him. I hope he can keep it up. I think he does a good job. (And I think it's cheaper than a therapist.... *snort*)

Wishing we had cable now so I could keep track of Katrina. Sure hope it isn't as bad as some are/were thinking. And praying that hurricanes don't spoil our upcoming cruise. I don't worry about our safety, but would hate to miss out if things get as bad as last year.


Brian said...

Thanks for the free advertisement honey! I agree, it was a whirlwind weekend but looking back, I think it was fun. Sadly, tomorrow is back to work & skool for many (everyone at this house).

Heather said...

I must say that you have been blogging for a Higher purpose. I had been praying about my dh recent decision to join the Airforce. I was very supportive .... but I have 4 kids at home and homeschool. I was fearful about if our lifestyle was an option with the military. I did a general search on google and found you. Thank you for being a positive, light in my forest. Be certain God is you and blogging to His advantage.

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