Friday, August 12, 2005

I'm spoiled

Today we finally made that long-awaited visit to Six Flags. I was thoroughly unimpressed. I guess I've just been to Disney World too many times to enjoy any other theme park. I'm not a thrill ride person; this park has 6 rollercoasters. Aside from there being few ride attractions I was interested in, the overall cleanliness of the park left much to be desired. The bathrooms were not in good repair. How can a park that has a limited season not keep its facilities in repair? The last thing that was definitely not up to par was the dining.... there was a distinct lack of places to sit and eat. One indoor buffet had a smell in it that my husband and daughter couldn't stand, so we didn't eat there. We were going to try one of the food court areas, but when we finally located a free table, there were bad smells coming from somewhere (we couldn't figure out where). I couldn't help but think of our upcoming trip to Disney World and how much better things will be there. I'm all about the shows and theming. I don't need to get "thrilled" on rides.

In other news

Summer and Brooke (Emily's new rats) have slight respiratory tract infections. The vet is keeping them a week and giving them antibiotics. We miss the little critters and can't wait to get them back. Emily has disinfected their cage and exercise balls so as not to reinfect them when they come home.

In 11 days, we will be sitting in center orchestra seats, 7 rows back, at the Orpheum to see Wicked. I am stoked. I envy the people who win the $25 lottery for front-row seats. I can't imagine having the time to try for one of those.

Time to go kick back for the night.

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Eyes said...

Your experience of Six Flaggs was just the opposite of mine. In Chicago, Six Flaggs is clean, well-managed and awesome. When I was in CA, I was so disappointed by Disney. They had so few rides for adults. They were all shows. Six Flaggs rocks if you ride the coasters. If you prefer to see show, Disney is the place :)

Now, at 37, and turning green on coasters, I may agree with you!

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