Thursday, September 01, 2005

Something's missing

Apparently Blogger Templates has either deleted a bunch of its graphics files or there is trouble with its hosting. My template graphics are now gone, as well as the graphics on BT's webpage. ***sigh***

This doesn't make for a very pretty page, does it? I may have to throw myself on the mercy of Zoot. She was originally going to design something for me and I was going to get a hosting account somewhere else, but with my move and all, we had to put it off. Now that she designs for Blogger, maybe I can get a redesign without moving and having to migrate everything. Can't hurt to ask.

(Edited to add: Ok, the graphics are back now. I guess last night was meant to just jumpstart me into writing Zoot and get my redesign on her schedule, one of those things I meant to do, but never seemed to get around to.)


DJG said... looks the same to me.. Am I that oblivious???

Oreo said...

Funny how stuff works like that huh?!

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