Monday, September 12, 2005

Getting down to the wire

OK, today's goal is to PACK. We are leaving this house in less than 36 hours and I haven't packed a thing yet! But on top of packing, I have to shop. Joel has outgrown both his tennis shoes and his "church" shoes. He'll need the dress shoes for at least 2 nights on the ship, maybe more. So shopping, packing, and... oh yes, laundry. There really isn't that much to wash, but I have to get everything clean before we go so everything we could possibly want to pack is clean (and we won't leave behind a pile of laundry to add to what we'll bring home) . Thankfully, we'll have a washer/dryer in our villa at WDW, so that on Friday night I can wash up everything we will have worn in the previous 2-3 days before we get on the ship the next day. That makes packing easier... we won't have to pack quite as much as we would otherwise. We may do a little laundry on board as well. I know, laundry and vacation?? The two don't seem to go together. But ya gotta do what ya gotta do.

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Mellie Helen said...

As I write this, I expect you are already on your way to the Happiest Place on the East Coast ;) but I just want to say I hope you have a FABULOUS time! I just know it'll be great! Be sure to share pix with us upon your return! See ya real soon--huh HA!

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