Thursday, September 01, 2005

Harry Connick, Jr. gets religion

I love my XM radio. It is nice being able to listen to the kind of music I want without having to worry about whether there's a local station or not. For instance, back in Omaha, we listened to KLOVE all the time. Out here, even though there are some KLOVE affiliates, the reception in our neck of the woods just isn't good enough to allow us to listen on a regular basis. Now, my XM isn't in the house, it's in my van... but that's OK. I am in my van on a fairly regular basis. So XM has a great Christian station called "The Fish." Its playlist is a bit more varied than KLOVE's, and I've been introduced to some new artists... Today as I was out and about, I heard "Blessed Assurance" in a style I've never heard before: Big Band. I did a double take, checked the display to see who this was (another feature I love about XM) and saw "Denver & MHO." I made a mental note to search for them when I had time today... and I finally had time tonight. Denver and the Mile High Orchestra is definitely a one of a kind group. I haven't fully formed my opinion of them yet. They're fun to listen to, but hearing "It Is Well with My Soul" in a peppy swing style is just....different. Go listen and see what you think. I think it sounds like Bill Gaither channeling Harry Connick, Jr.


DJG said...

I keep "The Fish" on in my office all day (except when I am listening to Fox News) I love the remixes of the old hymns.

mooalex said...

Hi Karen! Here from Michele's. I used this template on my Summer of Blog '05! Pretty, isn't it? Check it out...


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