Sunday, June 10, 2007


For those waiting to see what was up with Emily's feet/ankles.... I'm not really sure. The swelling on her ankle had reduced considerably by the time we got to her appointment. I wound up staying in the waiting room with the other kids while her dad went into the appointment with her. The doctor apparently wasn't concerned with the foot that she didn't want to walk normally on, but did want an x-ray of the ankle on the other foot. After looking at the x-rays, he sent Emily home with an Ace bandage. We headed out and made a stop at the BX for some shopping when my phone rang (a miracle in our BX, which is notorious for the inability to obtain or hold cell phone service). It was Brian, telling me that we needed to come back to the hospital. Apparently, after the radiologist looked at the xrays, he felt Emily should have a splint. He felt like he could see a "spot" on or near her growth plate. Don't ask me what a spot is; I have no clue. So we finished up our shopping and headed to the brace shop, where it took all of 3 minutes to get Emily fitted. 2 weeks with the splint, and she goes back on the 22nd.

Garage Sale: Part Deux went very well. There may not have to be another sequel. That would make me a very happy person. After I closed up shop, the 3 youngest and I went bowling. They had a great time, although I think Halle and Joel enjoyed spending their garage sale money in the vending machines almost as much as (if not more than) bowling.

Later, I took in the last "matinee" show of the day at the theater to watch Ocean's Thirteen. I think this might have been better than the first two. The folks in my theater certainly enjoyed it. If you were a fan of the first two, I'm pretty sure you won't want to miss this one.

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Lisa said...

I really enjoyed "Ocean's Eleven" and "Ocean's Twelve", so can't wait to see "Thirteen". Glad you liked it!

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