Sunday, June 17, 2007

Catching my breath

Laws-a-mercy, we've been meeting ourselves coming and going around here, but I think we can stop for a while and just breathe. We spent hours and hours cleaning house yesterday: bleaching the tile counters in the kitchen (I will NEVER willingly install tile counters in any home of mine!), spot cleaning the carpet, cleaning bathrooms and bedrooms.... oh, and having another garage sale (yes, Garage Sale, Part Trois). Not nearly as successful as the first two, but we did get rid of Joel's loft bed. Only one incident to mar the day, involving a smattering of bleach and the carpet outside Emily's bathroom. Oops. Anyone know of a way to disguise/repair a bleach spot on carpet?

Backing up to Friday... Halle and I had fun on our mommy/daughter date. We wound up shopping at the BX and bought matching Crocs. Had I known how comfortable these things were, I swear I would have bought some a lot sooner! Then we went to see Nancy Drew. We both liked it and now Halle would like to try some of the books. I did tell her that the books were set in a different time than now, so it wouldn't be like the movie, but she was still game. Hopefully we'll get a chance to work on this goal this summer.

After Brian got home from work, he wanted to take the kids to see the new Fantastic 4 movie, so we did that. It was a lot of fun. The boys love Michael Chiklis as "The Thing." (I prefer to call him by his name: Ben Grimm.) Of course, the ending left plenty of room for another sequel.

Today we got up and gave Brian his cards and gifts before heading to church. Then we drove down to Walnut Creek to California Pizza Kitchen for lunch. It had been several months since we'd eaten there. When we got back, there was just enough time for Brian and the kids to spend about an hour at the base pool.

Nothing else on the agenda for tonight other than just chillin'.


Anonymous said...

Just chillin' is a good thing!

Rick J said...

You guys interested in catching a Won By One concert at Walnut Creek Sunday night?

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