Saturday, June 23, 2007

Birthday recap and weekend plans

Thank you to all who sent birthday wishes. I think I received more greetings this year than ever before. I had several e-cards in addition to the comments, plus a few of those old-fashioned cards that come in the mail. *G* One of those even came with a Starbucks card... Thanks, Grace!

We had a very nice time last night... It was great catching up with Rick and Virginia and hearing about things over in Antioch. We were a little late to the Won By One concert, as Friday night traffic on the interstate was backed up a bit. Thankfully it was only by about 5 minutes or so. The Won By One kids did a great job, especially considering they were short one person. They had less than a month to rework their songs written for 6 voices and modify them for 5. Not an easy task! It was good to see the familiar faces and meet some new ones. That's the thing with the college groups: the faces keep changing. Afterwards we were able to chat a bit and then the group surprised me with a beautiful chorus of "Happy Birthday." Matt chatted with me and Emily about Harry Potter and the upcoming book and movie. Noah really enjoyed hanging out with Darnell afterwards; they found out they share a common interest in playing NCAA Baseball on PlayStation and have decided they are going to use the "Create-a-player" feature to make each other on their games and see how many homeruns they can hit with each other.... using the Pepperdine team, of course!

We were able to get the keys to the base house yesterday afternoon, so this weekend we'll be seeing what we want to take over ourselves before the packers come on Monday. We'll probably do some shopping as well. We need a washer/dryer, as the base house doesn't come with one. And we also need a new microwave. Brian took our old one to work to use in his office when the one there died, and this house has a built-in.

Hope everyone is having a good weekend!

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