Friday, June 08, 2007

Let the fun begin

Emily is officially done with school until August. What better way to celebrate than by tripping over her siblings' toys? I'm not sure exactly what the damage is yet, but we'll find out later today when I take her to the doctor. She has one ankle that is swollen nearly softball sized and a bruise on the side/bottom of the other foot. I guess some folks will do anything to get out of cleaning their room and bathroom (I am totally kidding.... she'd never injure herself on purpose. I think...).

Brian and I spent a couple of hours last night directing traffic at the school's graduation ceremonies. Amazing the feeling of power one gets wearing an orange and yellow "Security" vest. I was charged with guarding the access to the handicapped and elderly parking. I was really hoping I'd see someone I knew so I could tell them I had to pat them down.

We might be heading out to see Ocean's Thirteen tonight, although I may just send Brian and the 2 oldest; I really don't think the little ones will be too interested in it. Then tomorrow I'll be hosting Garage Sale: Part Deux while Brian spends the weekend moonlighting in Sac.

The only other thing on tap for the next few weeks is cleaning and organizing to get ready for the move, at least one more sequel to Garage Sale, and the usual gymnastics classes and orthodontic appointments. Oh, and there's a birthday in there somewhere, too. 2 weeks from today, in fact.

Off to eat my breakfast and then do something productive.

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Donna Boucher said...

I hope your garage sale is a success! My you are busy.
I really wish you happy times in your new place :o)

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