Sunday, June 03, 2007

Stayin' alive

We're still here; it's just been an incredibly activity-filled few days. Lots of errand running, plus an impromptu garage sale on Saturday... without advertising, we had a fairly good stream of customers and parted with a lot of items that had just been taking up space (bikes no longer needed, Noah's loft bed (his and Joel's bedroom on base will be too small for 2 beds), etc. We'll probably do it again the next couple of weeks to see if we can get a few more things taken care of. We have pack-out dates of the 25th and 26th, and a move date of the 27th, so we need to get rid of as much as possible before then.

Today we left the house a little before 9, going to 1st service at church and then Emily, Brian, and I tried out a new adult Sunday School class on the Sermon on the Mount during the 2nd service (the other kids went to their usual classes (called "Growin' Up Groups"). Headed out to lunch after that, then made a few more stops (Kohl's, Target, furniture store, convenience store for sodas) before finally getting back home between 4:30 and 5. I finished up a load of our laundry and am working on 2 loads of laundry for the lost-and-found area of the elementary branch of Emily's school. It's one way to earn service hours (every family is supposed to earn at least 20 hours a year, or pay $10 an hour for the deficit).

The stop we made at the furniture store today yielded a bunk bed set for Noah and Joel. It's a twin-over-full, so they will each get to keep their current mattress. We'll have the bed delivered to the base house when we are getting ready to move in (on one of the packing days). We'll already have the keys to the house, so we can at least get that much of the boys' room ready before the movers start bringing in everything else.

This week will be a little crazy; Emily is on half-days because of finals week, so it will seem like we have barely been home before it will be time to turn around and go get her (in reality, it will have been about 3 hours, but still...). One nice thing about this is that having her home by noon frees up my afternoons to get stuff done (like grocery-shopping sans munchkins). She is done with her finals on Wednesday, so once that is over, she will be more available to work on de-nastifying her bedroom and bathroom before our landlord does a pre-moveout walkthrough of the house in a couple of weeks.

Yep, there will be plenty of stuff to keep us "entertained" (I'm trying really hard not to use that 4-letter "B" word that rhymes with tizzy) over the next few weeks.

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Anonymous said...


Good grief, girl. Wow! Just reading about your weekend was exhausting. And I thought WE had a lot to do.

It looks like we're going to be moving into our new house about the same time you're moving out of your house, but we're going to more room, not less this time, so that will be good.

The only thing is that we have tons of artwork and big posters framed and our new place hardly has any walls on which to hang such. We're going to have to rotate our artwork from time to time, I guess, to be able to see it all.

Hang in there and go with the flow as much as possible. That's great advice from someone who's just the opposite of that when it comes to thinking about moving, though, let me tell you! ha!


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