Thursday, June 21, 2007

One day closer

We've been doing a little bit each day to get ready for this move. Dusting the bookcases, taking unwanted items to Goodwill, getting rid of the bleach spot... Yes, you heard me right. That bleach spot I mentioned this past weekend, the one that used to be a yellowish color, is now gone, thanks to this. I wish I had taken pictures so you could see the difference. I am one happy camper now.

We've had time to visit the base swimming pool a couple of times this week as well. Just $75 got us a family pass for the summer. Sure beats what they are asking for the community pools! ($280!!) I am sure the pass will come in handy once we are actually living on base and the weather begins heating up a bit more.

Tomorrow night, we are going to dinner at Olive Garden with friends from Antioch, then taking in a Won By One concert. Sounds like a nice way to celebrate being another year older, doesn't it?

Once we get settled into the new place, I plan on having a book giveaway like some of my other blogfriends have done. I have a group of books I put aside just for this purpose, most of them fairly new. So if you're a reader, be prepared to put your name in the hat for one!

And while I'm talking about future things... keep your eyes out for an announcement of something new here. (Mom and Pam, you already know... and Larry, if Mom hasn't told you already, just ask her.)


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!

DJG said...

That does sound like a great celebrataion...Happy Bithday...and I am always up for books!!

Amy said...

Happy Birthday!!

Thumper said...


When we were on base when the Boy was little, we lived at that base pool. HE had swim lessons in the class just before it opened for the day so we'd stay and hang around for a while, then head over to the bowling alley for lunch or a shake or something (that was our other hangout...many many hours bowling...)

It's just too bad the rec center was torn down. It was right next door and had a really good pizza place...

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