Friday, June 15, 2007

Color me done

OK, this is what you get until I have time to really work on this. I didn't care much for the colors this template started out with. Maybe these aren't much better, but I wanted something a little brighter. I'm sure Emily will come up with some kind of snazzy design for me once we are settled in the new place. She's a Photoshop pro and has taught herself CSS, so I know she can come up with something nice.


Halle got her first braces on yesterday. She has 4 brackets on top and 3 on bottom for now. She did very well with the whole thing and hasn't complained at all. Tomorrow, she and I are having a mom/daughter date and going to watch the new Nancy Drew movie.


I'll try to find time tomorrow to post some links I've been saving up. We're a bit under the gun to finish up some cleaning/organizing before the landlord does his walkthrough on Sunday. It doesn't help that avoidance is the middle name of almost everyone in the house this week.

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