Sunday, June 24, 2007

Down to the wire

So the movers are coming to pack things tomorrow. Are we ready? Uhh..... kinda sorta maybe???

Brian and Noah are off to the races today. Brian's boss at his moonlighting gig volunteered to reimburse him if he bought good seats for them (Brian and Noah) to go to the Nextel Cup race at Infineon Raceway today. They'll be sitting in the front row at Turn 7, so look for them. Poor Jeff Gordon and Jimmie Johnson had some bad luck earlier this weekend with failed inspections, so they'll be starting at the back of the pack today. Terri, where's your Tony going to be??

The other kids and I will go out for lunch after church and then do a little shopping. Yesterday, we were able to get the washer, dryer, and microwave picked out. So the big stuff is taken care of. Brian also took quite a few things over to the house already.

We will probably be unhooking the computers tonight or tomorrow morning, so I'll be without email access unless I go to the library (which I may do...).


Anonymous said...

Thanks for telling me where your boys will be... I'll watch for them. Wait, I don't know what they look like! I'll go back through your archives and look for pictures... NOT! I'll be watching the race 'cause my Tony will come to the checkers FIRST! :)

jettybetty said...

One of my bestest friends from here is a race fan and is that race near you!
Hope the moving goes well--and you don't have to do without a computer too long!

DJG said...

That race would probably be better to be at than to watch on TV. My Jr is starting 4th....I hope he finishes in the top 10!

Rick J said...

It was fun Friday evening. Hope the move goes smoothly!!

Lara said...

Good luck on the move, Karen.

Peace and good wishes that all your dishes and knick-knacks will arrive safely!

Thumper said...

Did you survive? Didja?

Cattiva said...

Ugh - I HATE moving!

Hope all went well!

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