Monday, July 17, 2006

Recovering from the weekend

Emily and the gang arrived back at church Saturday night around 9 or so after a long day's drive from AZ. They all had a great time and accomplished a lot. Emily spent a couple of mornings helping to roof a house. She also helped with an afternoon Vacation Bible School, and participated in 3 prayer sweats. The group also did a hike down into Jackass Canyon to the Colorado River and back up. Em said she will go back next year.

So it was nearly 11 when Brian and Emily got in Saturday night. It took a little while to wind down and get to bed. We were up and out of the house by a little after 8 to head to church the next morning, though. Came home after lunch and spent the afternoon doing this and that... Emily washed up all the clothes she had taken to Tuba City. Then we headed back across the bridge for youth group.

After youth group, a large number of the kids wanted to go see Pirates of the Caribbean 2. That included Emily, so I got to see it a *3rd* time. We made it home around midnight. Needless to say, we were pretty bushed.

We've spent today working around the house a bit. Tomorrow is our biweekly Merry Maids visit and we need to make sure things are picked up enough for the ladies to do their work. I've also been sitting here IMing with my friend Jenny, who is DEFINITELY going to Disney World at the same time this Christmas!! We've been making dinner plans and talking about which parks to do on which days. WDW is a lot of fun when you get to share it with others.

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