Monday, July 10, 2006

Planning and scheming

We had a nice rest of our weekend... The kids all enjoyed the new PoTC movie (that's Pirates of the Caribbean for those not familiar with that abbreviation). I discovered that I missed a little more than I realized the first time! Still not a ton, but a few things that helped me make sense of some parts that had me scratching my head before.

As for the planning and scheming, Emily and Noah have often asked about being able to visit Disney World for their birthdays (they share a Dec. 30 birth date 4 years apart). Even though it is a little late to start thinking about it, especially when it comes to using our Disney Vacation Club points, I looked into it late last week. This is one of the busiest times to go, as well as the time when rates are at their highest. As I suspected, I couldn't get one of our usual 2-bedroom villa acommodations at any DVC resort. So then I started looking at some of the regular Disney resorts and the availability of 2 separate rooms. I had a lot of options with that route. After asking Emily what her preference would be, I wound up getting us 2 rooms at the Contemporary Resort for Christmas Day through January 2nd. The kids are beyond excited.

One might think the planning and scheming to be over at that point. But no.... remember back in Sept. 2005 when I posted about Jenny and Melissa, the sisters we met on our Disney cruise? Jenny and I still keep in touch, and when I told her we were going this Christmas for a week, she started discussing the possibility with her sister that they might go for part of that same week. If I wasn't already excited about going back to the Happiest Place on Earth (except for Omaha), I sure am now! Last email from Jenny has them "leaning 75% toward seeing you all in a few months!".

Even if they aren't able to meet up with us, I still have a few more things to plan: where to eat for the kids' birthdays, reservations for dinner the other nights as well, and hopefully getting to reserve a boat to view fireworks from the water (that one I can't do until 90 days ahead of time, so I have a while). I'm watching airfares as well. I think I've found one good one, but watching for others before committing to it.


DJG said...

I am amazed that people plan for December in July....impressed but amazed.

Jeremiah said...

I'm glad that I'm not the only person that plans six months in advance for things. Last night, I was talking to my girlfriend about my house and roommate situation, and I found myself talking about what I hoped would happen next year (fall of 2007). I'm sure Katie was giving me the "You've gotta be kidding me" face.

Anyway, thanks for commenting on my blog from the great state of Nebraska (almost went to school at UNL).

jettybetty said...

I just love planning and scheming like this ;-)!

Philip said...

My kids and I enjoyed PotC too! Loved the big beastie!

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