Friday, July 21, 2006

I can see clearly now

Well, clearer, anyway. The time for a new eye exam was upon me today; my current gas permeable lenses were getting difficult to get clean, so I needed a new prescription to order new ones. The optometrist was able to get my current pair a bit cleaner than I've been able to, so I'm enjoying not looking through foggy lenses right now. I should have my new ones within a week; new glasses in 7-10 days. My prescription has changed a bit in the last couple of years, so it's just as well that I got this taken care of now. Too bad the military insurance doesn't cover LASIK; I'd have it done in a heartbeat!

The kids and I went to see Nacho Libre earlier tonight. It was fun; it was easier for me to get into than Napoleon Dynamite was (that took me a couple of viewings before I quit thinking "Gee, this is dumb.") The boys loved the wrestling. I just thought Jack Black was a hoot. There are some classic lines in it. One of these nights I'll have to ask Brian "to join me in my quarters this night.... for some toast."

The kids enjoyed their dental appointments on Wednesday. The pediatric dentist we were recommended has video games to keep the kids entertained while waiting. Thing is, it doesn't seem like the wait is very long, though. They appeared to keep things moving along fairly well. We're headed back tomorrow for some special X-rays for Noah and Halle (the dentist said insurance wouldn't cover those x-rays if we had them done on Wednesday, so we had to make a new appointment for those).... they'll need these x-rays to be evaluated for orthodontia (cha-ching!). Joel had a small cavity way in back that he'll be getting filled.

Afterwards, Emily wants to go to a movie night with the youth group from church. Brian will be up in Sacramento all weekend, so I'll have to find something for me and the other kids to do over there while she's watching the movie(s). I suppose we could always go to the movies; the younger ones have been wanting to see Monster House. Maybe I could find someone else from church to go with us. I guess we'll see...

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DJG said...

Lasik was the best gift I ever gave insurance didn't cover it either. I had been wearing rigid gas perms since I was 16 years old. I love the freedom of being able to see without help.

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