Monday, July 03, 2006

(Almost) All work and (almost) no play

So today has been a busy day. Brian headed down to Moffett Field for the rubber mulch around 9 or so this morning. The boys and I left a little over an hour later to head to swim lessons. The cleaning service showed up while I was gone, but they were still here when we got back. I really like the ladies who have been coming; one of them is especially friendly, even to the dog and the rat.

I spent a good part of the afternoon working on laundry. When Brian got back from getting the mulch, Emily, Noah, and Halle helped him carry all *68* bags to the back patio. We spent the better part of the afternoon and evening working on getting the mulch spread out. We stopped only for a run to Papa Murphy's (to redeem free pizza coupons the kids got for completing their swim lessons last week) and to Lowe's for some edging material to contain the mulch. The kids spent most of the day jumping on the trampoline, with a few breaks to help put away laundry. Poor Noah tuckered himself out so much on the trampoline today that he fell asleep watching a San Francisco Giant's ballgame by 6:00 or so.

Emily helped me get the patio furniture that had been sitting on our front porch carried around to the back, then she sprayed it all off to clean the cobwebs off of it. Tomorrow, Brian will finish cleaning off the patio so we can get the table and chairs situated where we want them and then we'll put the new patio umbrella up as well.

Right now, Brian is off taking the dog for his daily 2-mile walk. I just finished making one of the yogurt pies for tomorrow. I need to make one more, but I will have to run to the store in the morning to get one more container of yogurt... Joel ate one of the ones I needed for the second pie. I'll also make a cherry dump cake in the morning.

The only other major thing on the agenda for tonight is giving the dog a bath. He is in major need of a groom, but has one more month before his grooming appointment, so I will have to do the best I can with him after Emily bathes him.

Happy 4th to all!

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keli said...

hey Mrs. Koonce!
how are you?
I miss you guys so much!
can't wait to see you in August!

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