Sunday, July 02, 2006

Not slowing down yet

It's been a whirlwind weekend... We spent part of Saturday morning/afternoon out shopping for our 4th of July cookout. Plus, we bought a trampoline for the kids at Sports Authority. We hadn't been home very long from our shopping trip when Emily called to let us know that the bus from camp was back at Martinez. Brian ran to pick her up; it was a short 30 minutes to get her, but over an hour to get back, thanks to the toll plaza and an accident on the highway. He said she spent the entire trip home talking about her week. It was obvious from all the stories she told us that she had a good time.

Oh, I almost forgot... Brian also got the garage cleaned out/organized enough that we can finally park the van in it. I had already gone upstairs for the night, so didn't see it until we were ready to leave for church this morning. It's nice being able to pull into the garage at last.

We had a great lunch after church today with Jarrod and Lauren at Olive Garden. I always enjoy spending time with them. Today we mostly talked about movies, with a little bit about Disneyland/Disney World thrown in. Jarrod's taste in movies seems pretty similar to ours. We talked a little about Planes, Trains, and Automobiles, Nacho Libre (which Jarrod has seen, but we haven't), and Click (which I've seen, but Jarrod hasn't).

After we got home from lunch, we did some researching on landscaping materials for the back yard. It is pretty apparent that the sprinkler system is not going to happen, so now we are back to thinking about a small patch of sod we could keep alive with some stake sprinklers and then a couple areas of mulch: one rubber and one wood. We would use the rubber mulch around the trampoline and the wood mulch in the rest of the yard.

We spent the rest of the afternoon and early evening getting the trampoline and the enclosure put together. The trampoline itself was fairly simple. The enclosure was tedious. But it is done and we can relax a bit.

Tomorrow it is back to swim lessons for the boys. Merry Maids will be coming at some point as well. And Brian might be driving down to the Navy Exchange at Moffet Field (south of San Francisco) to get some rubber mulch. He can only find it at one place locally and the cost is about double what it is at the NEX.

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