Friday, April 15, 2005

Whomps and whoops

It's official. I'm getting old. I used to love merry-go-rounds. You know, the ones in the park where someone else makes you spin around and around? We went to the park after dinner last night and I got on with the 3 youngest kids while Brian and Emily spun us around. It was fun... for a while. Then I really started feeling it. Maybe it isn't a good idea to get on one of those things 30 minutes after finishing a steak at Outback. I didn't get sick, but I sure felt it for the rest of the night. I came home and spent the next few hours in bed. Man, getting older whomps.

We got a tip on a house to rent out in CA. It sounds really nice and is a good size and in a good community. With the way the other houses out there are beginning to get rented out (we are hitting prime moving season in the military) we may need to take this one based on pictures and recommendations of friends, without getting to see it firsthand (at least until we get out there on the 26th). Just waiting to hear back from the owners about our application. If we get the go-ahead on the house, I'll probably post pictures. Thumper and her hubby drove over and took a look for us and snapped several pictures.

Brian finally got our taxes done last night. Didn't take too long (thank you, Turbotax!), and we came out owing less than we'd originally estimated. That's a blessing, considering we are paying more out of pocket for this rental right now, and that we might be paying rent on a house we aren't even in next month! I love how God drops things into place sometimes.

Plans for today..... cleaning up around here, laundry, and a haircut! (My bangs are doing that sheepdog thing and driving me batty.)


mrsrum said...

I love the merry go rounds, too! We don't have any close here to test out the age factor, though. And, I love that word WHOMPS! I heard it on the cartoon Recess a long time ago and it's stuck ever since!

Mrs. Darling said...

I cant stand anything that goes in circles. I puke! It's quite sad actually!

Philip said...

So how did the haircut turn out?

Karen said...

Same haircut as last time.... she styled it with a little more "flip" to it, something I'll never be able to replicate in a million years!

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