Thursday, April 21, 2005

Good reads

Thanks for all the cyberhugs and good thoughts from my last post. I'll try to limit those kind of posts ... I'm really not a whiner.

Sitting here listening to my ITunes library; earlier I had it turned up while I folded and put away 2 baskets of laundry. I love it when I feel productive. I guess I've earned some time to sit and write now.

Book recommendations: Just recently finished rereading In Search of the Source. This is a great first-person account of translating the Bible into another language. The author and his wife went to Papua New Guinea to live among the Folopa people in order to learn the language and translate it into their dialect. Just reading it made me see familiar Bible passages in a new light.

I just started rereading Bruchko, another missionary account. This one is about a man (Bruce Olson) who went to South America without monetary support and wound up living (via capture) with the Motilone Indians. His descriptions of his experiences are riveting. And like the author of In Search of the Source, he has to discover a way to explain God in ways these people will understand.

Today is my ladies' study/prayer group... heading off to that now.

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PatrickMead said...

Hang in there. I was raised in seven countries by missionary parents. That makes me officially from nowhere in particular. It helps me remember that I don't really belong on this planet anyway... I'm headed to my real home. In the meantime, though I once raised border collies in Scotland, I am now in Michigan raising parrots and helping to rehab mistreated ones. Now whenever I feel I need advice, there are lots of feathered ones around with something to say! See you in glory, my friend.

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