Monday, June 12, 2006

You lose some, you win some!

Back from yet another ball game "away." This time it was a victory... 16-2. Our kids were on their games tonight (can't say "boys", because we have 2 girls, sisters, on our team). I think every single one of them had something they could point to in tonight's game as their contribution to the win, whether it was a hit, stolen bases, or fielding. Even Noah had some great stolen bases, plus he "took one for the team" to get on base. This win means another game tomorrow evening. We'll have a bit of a rush for me to get there from Joel's gymnastics class. I volunteered to bring snacks, so I'll be shopping for those in the morning.


Emily is starting up a dog-walking business with a friend. They're meeting tomorrow to plan out their route. Her friend put up flyers today and has already had response to them, so it looks like they might actually make a little spending $$ this summer.

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jettybetty said...

Congrats to the team--that's quite a win!

Good for Emily--hope she gets lost of *clients*!

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