Friday, June 09, 2006

Numbers game

Number of days till clean kitchen floor became sticky: 3 (I think that's a record.)

Number of times the van was filled up since last Friday: 4 (another record)

Number of practices Noah had this week: 4

Number of stars we give the new Disney/Pixar movie Cars: 5

Yes, we were among the many people thronging to the theater this afternoon to catch the latest from Pixar and were not disappointed. The soundtrack was great and the jokes were fun. The kids (and adults) loved how Pixar spoofed itself near the end, with "remakes" of some of its big hits, retitled to fit the car theme. I loved Larry the Cable Guy as Mater.... he was a hoot. Owen Wilson was a great choice for Lightning McQueen, and Paul Newman captured the character of Doc Hudson perfectly. I have to mention Bonnie Hunt... her characterization of Sally was all Bonnie. I'm not sure I could understand how anyone could see this movie and not like it.


Rick J said...

We will have to go see it while Kaleb is here later this month... unless he's already seen it.

By the way, we're using that song you suggested plus another one with the graduates video. Thanks!

jettybetty said...

If you filled up your van 4 times this week--it might be cheaper to fly??

I think the movie sounds cute--we usually wait on movies--and rent them and all watch them together when the kids are here--I think this one will be great fun.

Lori Ann said...

We loved the movie. My 3 yo has been waiting a long time and he was so excited to see it. Even my 15 month old sat through most of it. It was a great movie. Too bad Christianity Today said it was an okay movie.

DJG said...

I am hoping to go see it today...see if you like this movie, you would like NASCAR!!

Carrie K. said...

We're looking forward to seeing that one, too, but movies take forever to come to our little rural town!

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