Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Just for fun

With all the rush-rush of life lately, I haven't had much time to mention some of the fun stuff I keep running across... memes, videos, blogthings, etc. The house is quiet, and I'm the only one up, so here's my chance.

First up: YouTube. You name it, you can find it here. Videos of every description (and some that defy description). One such video is this one of David Lee Roth's appearance on The Tonight Show last week. Appropriately enough, he appeared on 6/6/06 to promote his new CD, "Strummin' With the Devil," which includes this bluegrass rendition of "Jump." I am torn between laughing and running screaming from the room. However, this video is a very cool and original idea. Tip of the hat to The Blue Sloth for turning me on to it. I would have embedded the videos here, but my center column isn't wide enough. :(

More video fun, this time from a musical comedy duo from Canada. Click here to see them perform "Working Where The Sun Don't Shine (The Colorectal Surgeon's Song)." (That is a Windows Media link... if you prefer Quicktime, try this one.)

And finally: Some Blogthings.

Have fun looking around. I'll be back tonight or tomorrow with an update on tonight's ballgame.

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drjimwhite said...

I was 55% General and 25% Southern. Not back for a transplant.

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