Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Be still my heart

Pulses were racing last night at what I think was one of our most action-packed games yet. Our kids were up against a team that practically mopped the field with us on Sunday. But we were starting our strongest pitcher this time. We had first at bat and were able to score some runs (we had some awesome hits last night!). Paul held them in the first 3 innings... no runs. Meanwhile, we were scoring. Our kids were fielding, hitting, stealing bases (Noah stole 1st to second on one pitch and then second to home). Final score: 9-5. We play again tonight... this time against the team that is undefeated in the tournament. A win tonight means another game against them tomorrow. Otherwise, we take 2nd place, a not-too-shabby honor for this team with so many players new to the game.

Stay tuned.

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