Friday, June 23, 2006

The day after

So yesterday was my birthday.... a day not much different than others, except that Brian brought home flowers and we went out to dinner. We tried a new place called BJ's. It was loud and the food was just so-so. Afterwards, we stopped in at Coldstone Creamery for a cup of ice cream. Even the ice cream was just so-so. Maybe my taste buds were off or something.

So today will be full of doing things I didn't do yesterday, like laundry. At least there are no lessons to rush off to this morning. I shouldn't have to leave the house at all, unless Emily is missing something she needs to take to camp. I will be taking her to Martinez tomorrow to ride the bus with a bunch of other kids headed to Sierra Bible Camp.

I'll leave you with this little exchange that took place over MSN Messenger yesterday while Halle was using my computer. She messaged my brother/sister-in-law:

Karen: hi

Brother: Happy Birthday! Are you having a good one?

Karen: i am halle

Brother: Hi, Halle! How are you?? Is your mom having a birthday party today?

Halle: no

Brother: What are you doing this summer?

Halle nothing

Brother:That doesn't sound like fun! I'll bet you'll do some playing with friends, reading, playing dress-up - fun stuff like that. Of course, I guess you can always help Mom & Dad with cleaning and dishes and stuff.

Halle: can i go

Brother: Sure. Bye!

Wonder why she initiated the conversation if she wasn't so keen to converse?


Thumper said...

Happy Birthday belatedly!

Your taste buds must have been off...we've been to BJs twice and it was terrific both times. In fact, I think I want to go back RIGHT NOW ;)

No, it really was good when we went. The ribs are awesome.

Jarrod Robinson said...


I am sorry that I missed it. I hope that your special day was a time of celebration and reflection for you...even it was only that way for five minutes.

You are a blessing in my life and in the lives of countless others.

- Jarrod

Donna Boucher said...

I'm sorry your birthday didn't turn out a little yummier. It really bums me out when the food just doesn't taste as good as I am hoping. I think I love food. :o)

I hope your year ahead is delicious :o)


jettybetty said...

Happy belated bday from me! Sorry your tastebuds weren't working properly on your big day--but it sounds like you did get a day away from laundry?

I am sure Halle had to leave the conversation to help with the dishes or something, right?

Sandy said...

They say your taste buds start to go out when you get old... (grin) Happy Birthday!

Rick J said...

OK... I like the cool banner... is it new, or am I just not too observant? I followed the link... thought about getting one myself... then decided I might not be able to deal with the "Christian woman" comments. :)

drjimwhite said...

BTW, Happy Birthday. Hope it was a good one. Not much happening here, just doing way too much. Talk to you later.


Angie said...

It's never too late to have a happier birthday! Yeah... there's something special about "the day," but I'm all for extending the celebration - however long it takes to turn so-so into spectacular. So I sure hope God surprises you with moments of unexpected, unplanned joy for the life you live when you least expect it!

TODAY (days after your big day) I CELEBRATE YOU!!!

You are loved, Karen!

Jacinda said...

Happy Birthday!

Mellie Helen said...

Happy Birthday a week or so ago! :D

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