Tuesday, June 06, 2006

A merry new day

Today is our initial cleaning day with Merry Maids. A team of 2 women have been here a little over 3 hours... I'm hoping that has more to do with the size of our house than how dirty it is! I think they are close to being finished, and so far, I am pretty impressed. It is strange to have people cleaning around you while you do apparently nothing (although Brian might say I have a lot of experience at that). Actually, I did fold and put away laundry in my bedroom while one of them was cleaning the master bathroom. Emily, however, refuses to work on folding and putting away her laundry until they are totally gone from the house.

Joel begins his new gymnastics class this evening. I'm looking forward to watching him again. Noah has a ball practice scheduled for the same time. Thank goodness that Brian is supposed to be home in time to take him.

Last night we booked airline tickets for August to go back to the midwest to visit family and friends. It will be a quick trip... we have to hurry back for Emily to start school. Next step is to reserve a rental van and book the kennel for the dog. Too bad I couldn't just find someone to stay in the house with him and the rat while we're gone.


Thumper said...

Oooh..I want Merry Maids. But I'm afraid they'd come in, take one look, and run screaming...

Mellie Helen said...

I'd love to find out how I would react to other people cleaning my house for me. Just send 'em on over, and let's find out how I do.

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