Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Playing catch-up

Just realized I hadn't posted since Saturday. As usual, we've been kinda busy. We started out Father's Day with cards from me and the kids, then presented Brian with his present... a new office chair. His old one was nothing more than a folding chair that matched the tables here in the school room. This one is a nice leather Lane high-back desk chair. He is very pleased with it. We wound up going to California Pizza Kitchen for lunch after church. Brian's first choice was Benihana, but a call to them ahead of time confirmed that they had been booked up for a week.

After we got home, Brian spent the afternoon working out in the back yard, digging up weeds and rocks. He enjoys yard work, so for him that was as good as sitting around watching baseball or golf on the TV would be for some guys. Emily and I were going to go back over to Antioch for youth group, but a check of the 511.org website showed some nasty traffic, so we ended up staying over here and going to see The DaVinci Code. I neither loved it nor hated it. It's not one I'd watch again, though.

The 3 younger kids started swim lessons yesterday. They're enjoying them. Of course, it's too early to tell whether they'll move on to the next class or not, except for Joel; he will definitely progress.... the class is basically a "getting used to playing in the water" kind of class, which he really doesn't need. But he can't take the beginning swimming class until he "passes" this one. I think it's kind of a racket. At any rate, they might not even be able to get into any more classes this summer.... last time I checked, most of the classes were booked up already!

Halle tried out a gymnastics class at Joel's gym this afternoon and liked it a lot. The coaches said they thought she would be ready for the next level class in about a month or so. So now we have 2 kids in gymnastics. Halle's class starts a half hour after Joel's, so it only adds 30 minutes to our time at the gym on Tuesdays. Once she moves to the next level, their classes will be at the same time.

Our landlord called this afternoon and now he is planning on paying for the sprinkler system and lawn for the back yard. How fortunate for us! Surprisingly, though, he is having the same guy who did the patio give him an estimate on the work. I am really amazed, considering he wasn't the most reliable person. However... since it's not my money, I'll keep my opinions to myself.


Rick J said...

That's pretty cool that he's going to do that work for you guys. My grass is still alive... in fact, I really need to mow it a bit. :)
See ya tonight!

Mrs. Darling said...

I used to have a sprinkler system and we just loved it. But we did some construction and in the process we lost most of the system!

Peters in his second summer of swim lessons. I do hope he learns this summer because I'm tired of all the lessons! LOL

Clarissa said...

My three OLDest start swim lessons on Monday ... should be interesting, as the middle two don't like their heads to get wet, much less go underwater.

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