Saturday, June 17, 2006


Dough as in $$, that is.

The kids and I went to a double feature last night at the base theater... talk about a bargain! We saw 2 movies for $14 in admission. That's less than we would have paid to see just 1 movie at the regular theater. So what if the movies aren't first run? Hoot hasn't been out all that long, and it was one we hadn't had a chance to see yet, anyhow. The kids all enjoyed it. Stick It was one we'd seen, but we were all keen on seeing again. I think I was able to catch some stuff I missed the first time around.

Emily and I hit the mall for a little while today and she found a cute dress on sale at JCPenney. The regular price was $49.99.... on sale for $19.99. Can't beat that. It was in her favorite colors, to boot.

Came home to rehydrate myself (the temps are up here.... upper 90s) and then ran to the BX to pick up a bread machine. Brian suggested I go get it for my birthday next week. Another good deal: $149 for the Zojirushi Home Bakery Supreme Machine (gosh, what a mouthful!), sold elsewhere for $199. My old machine was messed up in the move, and I hadn't had time to replace it. I'm looking forward to the aroma of homemade bread in the mornings again.

In other dough-related news, Brian talked with our landlord today about a plan to expand the sprinkler system to the back yard (which is currently nothing but dirt and weeds). If we pay for the expansion, we can cut back on our rent a little each month to revert the cost back to our landlord. I thought that was a pretty cool idea... very sharp of my husband to think of that. Once we get the sprinkler installed, we'll get some sod for the back yard. I think that will be our "treat," but it will be considerably less than the sprinkler system. Funny, our landlord is surprised we want to put grass down; he says he "doesn't like grass." (He doesn't like mowing.) I guess that's why he didn't do anything with the back yard the whole 2 1/2 years he lived here.

Looking forward to celebrating Father's Day with Brian tomorrow. Can't wait to see where he picks to go for lunch after church.

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Angie said...

There is NOTHING quite as wonderful as homemade bread! I wish I didn't love it so much...

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