Sunday, October 23, 2005

What else?

This has been a day with a few frustrations. We were headed out to Noah's football game this morning when Brian noticed the warning light informing us that one of our tires was low on pressure. No problem; we'll add some air on our way. Drove about a mile down the road to the service station, where he added some air to the tire. Then the warning light says that that tire is now using its "run-flat" capabilities. Noah's game is a half-hour away when driving 65-70 miles an hour. On a run-flat, you are supposed to drive no more than 50mph. So we turn around, switch everyone into Brian's Yukon XL, and head for the game. We arrive about 10 minutes late for practice (20 minutes before the game). It is then we realize our lawn chairs are still in the back of the van. The grass is still damp, and this bum foot makes it extremely difficult for me to get up off of the ground. I wind up sitting outside the fence on a bench. We lost the game, so now we are 2-1.

We'll find out next week if we'll have to pay for the new tire or not. It's possible it is covered under the warranty. We're not sure why it went flat; there is a damaged section... just don't know what caused it. If it isn't covered.... we're looking at around $1K to replace it. OUCH!

After the game, we drove to Sacramento to get our tickets for Omaha. Using a voucher Brian got for giving up a seat on his way home from Oklahoma a few weeks ago, we were able to get 2 tickets for only $80. Downside is that we have to take an overnight flight, leaving around 11pm and getting into Omaha a little after 9:30am. I'm looking forward to seeing my old friends again, and so is Emily.


Tomorrow morning, I am "on" praise team. We're doing a new song, Magnificat, a Randy Gill song off of the new Zoe cd. We're also doing one that is new to me and a few others on the team, I'm Forever Grateful. I'm looking forward to it. Our song worship is one of my favorite things.


VJ said...

I know what you mean about being "on" praise team. I sang with my church praise team for several months, and loved every minute of it. I am not doing it currently because the music is SO loud, and I really want to protect the baby I'm carrying from all the unnecessary sound. But every Friday evening when the group gathers for practice, I go through withdrawal symptoms. I really do miss it.

Carmi said...

A thousand dollars for a tire? OMG. I'm definitely in the wrong business.

Visiting from Michele's this aft. Good to see you again!

Shane Coffman said...

What a great song - "I'm Forever Grateful" by Mark Altrogge. Same guy that wrote "I Stand In Awe", and one of my personal favorites, "One Pure and Holy Passion".

I'm glad you're getting the opportunity to bless your congregation through your praise team.


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