Sunday, October 23, 2005

Do nots and donuts

I forgot to mention the latest drama in our house. Friday evening, one of the neighborhood boys (11 years old) enticed Noah to take the cap off the tire stem of a car parked in the neighborhood. This wasn't an ordinary plastic cap, but a specialty cover.... one that looked like an electric blue bullet. Once Noah did that, the other boy proceeded to take a couple off of other cars (these were the plain kind). Once we found out, Brian took Noah across the street to the other boy's house. His mom already knew about it, but apparently hadn't done or said much to her son. She told Brian that they couldn't be too hard on the boys, because "they're going to do this kind of thing." Well, we've told Noah he can't hang with this kid any more. If he is going to be so easily led, we just don't want him around this guy. The sad thing is, he's really the only kid in the neighborhood that's close to Noah's age. It makes us even more determined to move when our lease is up, though.


We stopped by Krispy Kreme on our way to church this morning and discovered that all Krispy Kremes are not created equal. Oh, the donuts were good... but they don't make cinnamon buns here!! What a disappointment. To top that off, the closest Krispy Kreme is 13 miles away, across a toll bridge! At least in Omaha, we could get there in 15 minutes or less... and get a cinnamon bun.


DJG said...

Man, I shouldn't read about Krispy Kreme before breakfast....I am only a block away from the best bakery in the world....Oh, I am safe they are closed on Monday!!

I almost undid my morning work-out!

Rick J said...

Hmmm... there's a Krispy Kreme in the shopping area at Auto Center and Hwy 4... don't know if they have cinnamon buns. I really miss going to TJ Cinnamons. We were introduced to those in TX, but the closest one to us here is at a Loves over on Hwy 99 in Ripon (

OK... that's probably plenty on that topic. :)

Philip said...

Sorry he got led astray. I'm a firm believer in second and third chances, but of course I don't know the history or circumstances. Hate to deprive him of an age specific buddy nearby. Sometimes (with your close supervision and good questions) there's lessons to be learned from such friendships, as long as it stays in the realm of "tire stems." Sounds to me like they're just bored and need someone to inject some creative ideas in their heads. Maybe some art type projects? Nothing like focusing those busy brains to something positive and affirming.

Hope I'm not coming off preachy er nuthin' - cause I'm not criticizing in the least. Just trying to brainstorm.

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