Saturday, October 01, 2005

Random thoughts

Well, I no longer need to worry about being mugged. My toeless version of half of a pair of Chucks has given way to a cam walker. Yesterday's x-ray showed some displacement of my fracture since Sunday, so the doc said I needed something that would provide more immobilization of the break. It does make a difference in the amount of pain I am feeling, and walking feels a little more natural, but it's bulky and makes moving quickly near impossible (my kids know it, too.... and are taking advantage). The plus side: it's black, so it goes with everything.


Halle's 7th birthday is coming up in 11 days (Oct. 12). She wants a sleepover. That means we can't do it on the actual day, but it will have to be a Friday. This next Friday is too soon; Brian may be gone to a men's retreat on the Friday after her birthday. I do not feel up to handling extra kids who are not my own on my own. So do I wait another week to do this??? I am sooo not a birthday party planning kind of person. I much prefer taking the party someplace else and letting others handle it (last year we did Build-a-Bear, and it was AWESOME). Should I try to talk Halle into another party out of the house??


Hoping to get to the movies today and see The Greatest Game Ever Played. Anyone else planning on seeing this movie? Shia LeBeouf is maturing nicely... a far cry from his character on Even Stevens.


Thumper said...

Will she compromise? Have a regular birthday party now, and a sleepover after you're foot has healed and/or when Dad can there there, too?

I loved doing the party-somewhere-else thing when the Boy was young...the kids always had fun and I didn't have to clean up.

sophie said...

Good luck with the healing process! Sleepovers are a bit strenuous, maybe one friend to sleep oveer after a party elsewhere? Here from Michele's.

panthergirl said...

The movie is GREAT! We saw the sneak preview a few weeks ago and, as you can imagine from reading my blog, my golfer-son was on the edge of his seat!!

Did you see it?? I'd love to hear your reaction. I loved it.

the frog princess said...

I agree with Thumper; if you're not up to it, compromise with her that she can have a reglar party now and have a few friends over for a sleepover when you're more up to it.

Making a belated trip via Michele's -- Blogger was being stupid this morning.

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