Thursday, October 27, 2005

Should I turn on the vacancy light?

It looks like our home is going to remain visitor-free for the holidays. Yesterday, my brother-in-law IM'ed me to tell me that the plans for my sister and him to visit at Christmas aren't going to work out. No 3-part harmony for me now.

My mother called today to say she didn't think she could come for Thanksgiving, either. She's not feeling 100% and didn't want to come out here and be a lump who didn't feel like doing anything with us.


I have an appointment in the morning to get my foot checked out again. We'll see how it's healing. I honestly have no idea. I've been taking mega calcium supplements in hopes that will speed my bone's mending. It would be nice to get this boot off before the Omaha trip, otherwise I imagine I'll be one of those lucky individuals who gets "special" treatment by the security folks.


Rick J said...

Sorry you're not going to have family coming in for the two holidays. That's always sad when you were looking forward to the visits. Our kids will be here for Thanksgiving, but we'll not have anyone for Christmas either. However, we are planning to travel to Arkansas and Tennessee right after Christmas. Maybe we just need to try to hook up and do something after Thanksgiving. I think Virginia is always up for something fun. :)

DJG said...

I'm sorry your family can't make it too. I know how disappointed I always am when my brothers don't come.

I pray you will get a good report on your foot. I am sure you are sick and tired of the boot!!

novaks8 said...

sorry about the plans not working out but maybe you can run with it and make it a more personal holiday?

I saw where you were looking at the new HP movie site.
I can not wait!!!!
Goblet of Fire is my favorite HP book to date!
The movie trailer looks amazing.

(small things amuse me)

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