Friday, October 21, 2005

A night of TV

Rare night in our house last night... I actually got to watch TV! We started with Smallville, a show I've never really watched before until the last few months. Even then, I haven't seen it with much regularity. The kids have filled me in on key details that helped me understand the background. Last night was kinda fun, seeing Aquaman. He was a much darker character than the one I came to know and love from Saturday morning cartoons as a child. I got a big kick out of the scene in which Aquaman told Clark they should start a "Junior Lifeguards of America" group and Clark replied he didn't think he was ready for the J.L.A. yet... is that a foreshadowing of the Justice League of America??

Next up was CSI. Hubby and I both agreed last night's show was quite excellent. It was unusual in the fact that the whole show revolved around just one case, rather than the typical 2-4 cases. I loved George Eads' final scenes with the young girl. My eyes couldn't stay dry.

We finished the night with Without a Trace. I was left thinking that Jack didn't learn much from his mistakes in this episode. I felt that he did the same thing with the new suspect that he did with the first... coerced a confession that wasn't necessarily true. There is no way to know whether the kid's hands slipped or if he let go, and I didn't see why Jack had to force him to say he had.

All in all, a fun night...

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