Monday, October 17, 2005

Run, boy, run!

Tonight was Noah's second flag football game. Because we were late entries, he's never attended a practice, just the last game and tonight's. The team ran a few plays for about 15 minutes or so before the game started tonight and I noticed the defense coach spending some time filling Noah in. Once the game started, it was obvious that things were clicking for him. He really hustled out there tonight and even managed to get the ball carrier's flag on one play. This is getting to be FUN!! (Yeah Jim... I'm starting to like football. Whoda thunk it?)

Practice Thursday evening and then another game on Saturday.


Thumper said...

I kinda miss going to the sports things and sitting through practices. I've never been a big football fan, but when the Boy played (5th-8th grade) I had a blast. Sadly, a single coach seriously soured him on team sports and he never wanted to play after that :(

drjimwhite said...

Wait until they put on pads and they start hitting and tackling. Then we'll see if you like it!

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