Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Today's news

Halle had an orthodontist appointment this morning. We are done cranking her palate expander. Now she will have 2 teeth pulled on bottom, lose a baby tooth on top that is already loose, and in 8 weeks will get braces on top and bottom. She's not feeling great today though... right now she's napping on the couch.

Joel is not putting weight on his foot yet. So I had to carry him in when we went to the orthodontist. Around the house, he either hops or crawls. This will get old if his foot doesn't heal soon.

Brian and Noah are going to San Francisco later this afternoon to see the Cardinals play the Giants. It will mean a late night. They probably won't be back until midnight. Then Brian has to be back at the SF airport for an 8am flight to Vancouver tomorrow. He'll be back on Friday. On Sunday, I have to drive him to the Sacramento airport before church so he can fly to Wichita Falls; he won't be back from there until late May 2. Yeah, things are just a tad busy around here.

Emily is gearing up for her choir trip to Chicago. She'll leave while Brian is gone, on the 26th. I was thinking that the school would transport the choir to the airport, but according to Emily, everyone is going in separate vehicles. They even are on different flights: boys on one, girls on one, and chaperones on another. That doesn't make much sense to me.... but what do I know?? Anyhow, I don't have any information on when her flight is yet, and that could throw a wrench into plans I had here; Noah was supposed to take a class at the base library that afternoon, but if I have to drive to Sacramento, that will have to be scrapped. This whole thing of homeschooling 3 and having one at school outside is getting to be quite tiresome.


JennaG said...

Wow, you are a very busy lady! I hope the braces go well and that Joel's foot heals quickly. I do seem to remember the name Lonnie from my Piedmont times. I will have to ask my sister--she is still in the area. Yes, it is small world. I saw that you are about 4 years older than my hubby and me. Did you graduate about the time we started? 1986? We were probably there at the same time for a little while, at least.

JennaG said...

I guess I could have emailed this instead... oh well. We have friends stationed at Travis and I have friends who actually have family in Vacaville. We were never stationed in California, but did go for training at Merced (Castle) for awhile. I spent the night in Omaha a few times on our way home from North Dakota to Missouri. It looked like a nice base. My husband is actually not active duty anymore--he is Active Reserve--it's quite the dream. We haven't had to move in 7 years--and this still goes toward retirement. We have around 5 years left. I guess we were at SEMO at the same time--we hung out at the Student Union a lot--the third floor. My husband's best man/friend married someone from Sikeston--her name is Corrie--she would be my age. Anyway, this is too cool--I won't take up any more of your comment space.

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