Thursday, April 19, 2007

Can we be done with it?

So I told you that Brian had to be up early to go to the airport today, right? Doncha know, last night's game went into extra innings... all the way to the 12th (and doggoneit, the Cards lost!). I'm not even sure what time he and Noah got home; I'm guessing it was at least 1. His alarm went off around 4:30 or so this morning. Noah enjoyed the game, though. He said "Stone Cold" Austin was sitting not too far from them in the next section over, and Rob Schneider was also on hand for the game (but down on the field for some kind of celebration for the city of Pacifica).

Anyhoo... the stuff here just keeps on keepin' on. Halle threw up in the van this morning on our way home from dropping Emily off at school. She's been fine the rest of the day, so hopefully we are done with this. And as for Joel, he is putting weight on his foot again, although still not full weight. I am just hoping this stuff isn't any indication of how the next 2 weeks are going to go around here. I will be ready for a padded room by the time Brian gets back from his Texas trip if this keeps up!


Philip said...

Don't you already have a padded room in the house somewhere?

Rick J said...

In lieu of the padded room you can try this:
-purse lips
-hold index finger by lips
-make a tonal "uh" sound while simultaneously moving your index finger back and forth between your lips

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