Tuesday, April 17, 2007

No live-blogging tonight

Well, I was going to live-blog AI again tonight, but somehow that doesn't seem right.... Brian left about 30 minutes ago to take Joel to the base ER to get his foot looked at. A little earlier tonight, he and Noah were messing around with each other and somehow Joel's foot was hurt in the process (I wasn't in the room, so don't really know what happened.). Joel tends to over-react, so we didn't get too concerned right away, but after about an hour, he still wouldn't put weight on it and we could see a bruise forming. So I'm waiting for them to get back... no telling when that could be. Could be 2 hours from now, or 4, or more. I'm not counting on 2, unless Brian is able to pull some strings, which isn't too likely. If it is broken, it looks like it might be close to the same place I broke my foot back in the fall of 2005.

UPDATE: Not broken, just a very bad bruise. Drama: what would my life be without it?

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JennaG said...

Hi Karen,
I was born in Poplar Bluff--and raised in Piedmont--near Clearwater Lake. I lived in Advance for two years when I was going to SEMO. I have been to and through Sikeston many times. I have an aunt that lives in Matthews now.

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