Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Speeding bullets

Time is in short supply around here... I've been wanting to post, but just not feeling like I had the time. So tonight you're getting the bullets.

  • Brian made it home safely Sunday. We celebrated by taking the kids bowling that afternoon.
  • Halle and Noah had their fittings for their orthodontia on Monday. Tomorrow morning they'll get their bands on, Halle will get her palate expander, and Noah will get his reverse-pull headgear.
  • We've been playing Hot Shots Golf on the PlayStation with Noah the last couple of nights. It's been a while since we played this game and we'd forgotten how much fun it could be.
  • No decisions on the church front yet. We visited one place for the month of February and are going to try a new place this weekend.
  • Missed AI last night and am catching bits and pieces of the girls tonight. I think my thoughts on who should leave are going to be pretty much the same: Alaina and Antonella.
  • What I did NOT miss this week was Heroes. No words for how much Monday night's episode rocked. It is the best show on this season.
  • I have several tidbits saved up to share... hopefully I can get to that tomorrow night or Friday.

Happy last day of February!

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