Tuesday, February 06, 2007

My sweet em-brace-able kids

No, this isn't a "cute things my kids did/said" post. This is more of a "cha-ching" post. Halle and Noah both had orthodontic evaluations yesterday, and unsurprisingly, they are both ready to begin a phase 1 treatment for their dental issues. Noah needs a few braces and an appliance to bring his top teeth forward, while Halle needs a spreader to widen her palate, followed by braces to get everything moved into place. It's times like these I am thankful for dental insurance, which will cover about 1/2 the cost.

Thanks for the comments on the last post. Emily wasn't too pleased with me for posting it. She said she looked "fat." Oh, to look so fat.


Rick J said...

Ah, I remember those orthodontic days... not personally, but for my kids in the early 90s. When I was a kid/teen (50s & 60s) the general attitude about was braces seemed to be (at least with my dentist) that you only went that direction if there was some sort of life-altering situation to be corrected. My bottom front teeth have always been too crowded and a bit crooked, but his comment (when asked by my mom) was something like, "Well, we could see about braces, but, really, how often is someone going to see those bottom teeth." As a junior high kid who had no desire to be the next "metal mouth" or whatever at school, I was thrilled!!

Did you guys have a good church experience Sunday?

Oh, and tell Emily she looks pretty, calm, dressed up, and maybe some other things, but "fat" isn't one of them. :-)

Anonymous said...

Emily's pic looks great!!
God bless you
Maria in the UK

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