Friday, February 09, 2007


Today during school, we learned about acrostic poems and wrote our own. Finally, a form of writing that hasn't sent the kids running away and screaming in terror! Here are Noah's:

Needs to watch wrestling

Often plays fighting games

Always bugging my dad



Watching every week

Randy Orton is dumb.

ECW is cool.


Table, ladder, chair matches

Legends of wrestling

Iron man

No wimps allowed

Gets on my mom's nerves

And Halle's:
Has a pretty face

Able to do a cartwheel

Likes to play with friends

Likes to play with Mom and Dad

Everyone likes to play with her


Fun and funny

Riding bikes

In the sun

Eating together

Nothing better

Dancing together.

And here's mine:
Checking email and

Online gaming

Meeting new friends while

Posting on blogs

Until my fingers are numb; I need a

Twelve-step program.

Error messages make me


Someday I'll get a Mac.

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jettybetty said...

Those are so fun!
I can so relate to yours, too!

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