Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Where's a good massage therapist when you need one?

Yesterday, the kids and I hauled out 4 Rubbermaid tubs of books and 2 laundry baskets full of movies and books. I got all of these books shelved (and there is still room for more!) .The only remaining books in our current house are ones that might be hidden in the kids' rooms (I know Emily has some Harry Potter books in hers) and one bookcase with homeschooling materials. Today's plan is to have the kids pack up toys and other non-clothing items from their rooms. We may or may not take a load to the new house. I'm falling behind on stuff here, like laundry. I have a large basket of clothes awaiting folding and more that need to be washed.

We did decide to go ahead and have the pros move us, so that is being done this Saturday. We'll get as much out of here as we can on Thursday and Friday and will probably be spending Saturday night in the new house. Phone service is already on and cable is being activated on Thursday afternoon. We'll get the internet service going shortly afterwards.

I think I'll book a massage appointment when this is all over.


Rick J said...

You didn't whine or wince at rehearsal tonight... but they say soreness takes a day or two. :)

Mrs. Fun said...

i hope you are enjoying your new house.

Philip said...

Glad you picked the pros: that's several years added to your life in terms of frustration avoided. Go ahead and book that appointment!

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