Monday, April 24, 2006


What a busy weekend... I missed the first hour of Noah's ballgame on Saturday. Mr. Geek Squad was back out, trying to set up our file and printer sharing (something he forgot to do the last time he was here). We had been trying to get this done all week, but things kept happening to put off the appointments (all on Geek Squad's end... family emergencies, "I came, but no one answered the door" (not hardly), calling in sick). Saturday at 12:45 was the first appointment available after the last missed one, and I was thinking that surely it would be a straightforward thing. Noah's games are only 15 minutes away, so that would give me time to get there by 2:30. Nope... the guy didn't leave until 3:15, and he still didn't get the sharing set up. My computer isn't letting the others have access, and he doesn't know why. Grrrr. I guess my computer is a virtual 2yo who doesn't like to share. (BTW, Noah's team did win their game.)

Yesterday was a long (but good) day. I did spend the entire day over in Antioch. We drove 2 cars to church so that Brian could come back this way with the kids. He managed to get the front yard mowed (can't do anything with the back until the landscapers are done). I spent a little time visiting with another family from church during my free time between lunch and Pepperdine praise team practice. Then the praise team spent about 2 hours practicing our songs for Friday afternoon's session, this time with mikes. We'll have one more practice next week, and then it will be time to head south.

After praise team rehearsal, it was time to head to the fellowship hall for the spaghetti supper/teen auction. The auction was a lot of fun. It made me miss our NCS auction back in Omaha. I haven't heard what the total earned was, but some of the teens brought some good money. One pair of boys auctioned off for $350. (Brian helped drive the price up there, but we dropped out after it hit $300.) We did "buy" one teen boy.... haven't decided yet what we'll be having him do. Maybe help wash/clean out the vehicles.... We made it back home a little after 9 and were in bed shortly after 10.

If the weather cooperates, today is the day the patio gets poured. I'm not sure what else the landscaper is supposed to do, but he told me one day last week that we should be using the back yard by this weekend. I'm more than ready.

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