Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Life, laundry, and a link

We're still unpacking. We have a load or 2 left at the other house. What makes it slow going is trying to "do life" while finding time to unpack and put away (which involves figuring out where things go). Laundry and housework don't wait. I did 4 loads of laundry yesterday and managed to get them all folded and put away. That doesn't include the one I needed to start at bedtime after the dog ralphed on my quilt... I could have saved the quilt by tossing him on the floor, but I figured it was easier to throw the quilt in the wash than to spot clean the carpet. So I just patted his back while he was sick, kinda like how a mom would hold her daughter's hair back for her in a similar situation.... guess I just can't stop being "mom," even for a dog.

I'll leave you with a link to a website with some pictures of art made from driftwood. I got these pictures by email and then decided to see if I could find out just where they came from. The page also has a link to the artist's website, where you can see more, if you'd like.


Paige said...

Those horses are beautiful. Thanks for sharing. :)

Rick J said...

You know, I got that email too, but I didn't even look... so I'm glad you did.

kym said...

*Happy Housewarming* :)
Congrats on the move to the new digs!

mommyof4 said...

My cat was about to barf on my bed the other night my husband pushed her off with his foot! No barfing in my bed unless its a kid!:) I am here from michelle's I have four kids also 1 boy and three girls! I love finding other sites with moms of four I will return:)

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