Friday, April 21, 2006

Still pluggin' away

We're chipping away slowly at the Rubbermaid tubs of stuff, finding places for what we can and making plans to get rid of what we don't need/use anymore. We are accumulating a large stack of things in the garage that we plan on putting in a garage sale later this summer. We haven't been back down to the old house for the last load or 2 of stuff there. Hopefully that can get done in the next few days, but finding time will be hard. Tomorrow is opening day for baseball, and we'll be at the fields a good part of the day. Opening ceremonies are in the morning, then Noah has a game in the afternoon.

On Sunday, we'll be at church for most of the day. I have praise team rehearsal for Pepperdine at 3pm, followed by a spaghetti dinner/teen auction at 5. The teens are raising money for their summer mission trip to Tuba City, AZ. I'm looking forward to watching/bidding.

Plans tonight: Watch King Kong and maybe get started reading a new book.


Carrie K. said...

Don't know if you'll have time to start a book after watching King Kong! That was one long movie - over three hours! Pretty good, though I would've cut a few minutes from each of the action sequences to cut the time down. My boys loved it, though!

Rick J said...

Moving is always like one of those monsters that keeps morphing and changing every time you try to attack it... always finding a way to survive just a little longer while life continues to happen. Hope you guys can eventually "finish."

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