Sunday, April 02, 2006


Number of trips made today to the new house with a full trailer: 2

Number of mattresses currently in the new house: 4

Number of bed frames currently in the new house: 3

We also managed to move the Clavinova, 3 bookshelves (minus the books), 4 4-ft. tables and folding chairs, almost everything we had in the garage (2 storage cabinets, 2 shelving units, a slew of Christmas totes, and several Rubbermaid totes of outgrown children's clothing). Tomorrow after church, we'll get Halle's bed taken up there, and possibly even our bedframe (we'll keep our mattress/boxsprings till we make the "real" move). We'll probably put all the beds together so that the kids and I will be able to start bringing in some of their stuff they don't *need* here at home. I can also work on getting a bunch of our books on the library shelves as well (upon examination today, we decided that library wall is more like 12-14 feet wide.... *insert big smile here*).

Number of hours of sleep I'll get tonight: ????

1 comment:

jettybetty said...

Sounds like you should be exhausted--but you made so much progress! How exciting!

The important thing (of course) is when do you move your computer and connect it in the new house?? ;-)

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